Workshops & Residencies

The company creates bespoke workshops for a wide-range of settings. Each workshop will be specially designed for the groups concerned but can include key aspects of the Papertrail process, such as, researching place and mapping personal stories, applying dramaturgical techniques to ‘found’ texts and collaborative writing techniques. To enquire about a workshop send an email to: [email protected]

Feedback from previous residencies:

Residency at Gower College Swansea

“The work was really great.  The students really had ownership of

the work and everyone I spoke with thought it was excellent”

Michael Waters, Course Leader, Young Actors Studio, RWCMD

Residency at  HMP Cardiff

 “Jail is a lonely place, and you always feel like you’re being forgotten. It’s the chance to entertain people who are coming in. It’s exciting, you’re learning, and it’s something you can be proud of”

“Since I’ve been doing this whatever people say to me goes over my head. I’m not putting on a front anymore, I’m more confident because I’m just who I am, and on the wing, staff and inmates are seeing that

 Workshop particpant HMP Cardiff